TCM teaches everyone how to eat peaches healthy

TCM teaches everyone how to eat peaches healthy

Introduction: Peach is rich in nutrition and replaces colloids. Such substances can absorb a large amount of water into the large intestine and can achieve the effect of preventing constipation.

Experts remind, but those who are constipated because of the fire, not only will not ease after eating a lot of peaches, but will ‘put oil on the fire’.

It is recommended that you can rub the skin of the peach directly with salt before rinsing it, and then rinse it with water to remove the peach hair relatively cleanly.

In addition, if the peach is just picked from the tree, it is best to let it eat for a long time, and it is better to wait for the summer heat to dissipate.

It is best not to eat peaches that are not fully ripe. Eating them can cause bloating or diarrhea.

Once the peach is allergic and the symptoms are mild at first, sometimes the corners of the mouth become red, peeling, and itching. At this time, parents should stop the child from eating and wash their face and hands.

If your child’s symptoms are more serious, some lips, lips, lips, perioral, ears, large erythema may appear, and even slight edema, you should be aware that severe cases may even cause diarrhea.

Give everyone a recipe: make some green tea, put some salt in it, and wash the allergic area with hot tea.

Then dry it with a dry towel, and then apply Liuyi scattered.

If the symptoms are serious, you can change Liuyi San to Wuji cream.

If there is edema on the surface, apply some ice yellow skin cream.

Symptoms are mild. Apply twice a day. Symptoms are severe and can be applied three times.

Thoroughly cooperate with some heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, such as honeysuckle and chlorpheniramine.

If your skin is edema, you can usually eat more radish and drink more water.

If you have diarrhea as soon as you eat peach, some people can take some medicine for summer heat, like Huoxiangzhengqi water or Huoxiangzhengqi capsules.

But if the symptoms are particularly serious, you should go to the hospital.

In addition, although peach kernels have the effect of breaking blood, stasis, and bowel movements, but peach kernels contain volatile oil and a large amount of small amount of oil., Headache, dizziness, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat and other phenomena, severe cases can cause heartbeat to stop.

Especially pregnant women, not to eat.

Kelp root decoction helps lower blood pressure

Kelp root decoction helps lower blood pressure

There is such a group of people whose blood pressure index is between 120-139 / 80-89mmHg. This blood pressure is not in the range of ideal blood pressure, but it cannot be regarded as high blood pressure. Therefore, hypertension drugs cannot be used to lower blood pressure.

At this time, those in prehypertension can usually eat more kelp root to control blood pressure.

  Everyone usually eats kelp, and they all like to eat kelp leaves. In fact, the pressure-reducing effect of kelp root is more significant.

For people with pre-hypertension, you can wash the kelp root and drink the soup with an appropriate amount of water. You can add some seasonings according to your taste. Of course, you can add a small amount of lean meat to stew the soup.

  From ideal blood pressure to high blood pressure, the change in blood pressure is just the tip of the iceberg. Like high blood pressure, most of the pre-hypertension patients have no obvious symptoms. Some people have symptoms such as headache, bloating, discomfort, and walking on cotton.Humans already have cardiovascular and early kidney damage.

Compared with the ideal blood pressure ratio, the risk of myocardial infarction in prehypertension is high.

7 times, the risk of coronary heart disease is nearly doubled.

Therefore, the complications of hypertension should start from the pre-hypertension period.

  Friends with pre-hypertension should also eat more celery. The effect of celery is to calm the liver and lower blood pressure. The best way to eat it is to use celery to squeeze juice. You can use celery to mix kelp root or fried celery fish fillets.

  In addition, there are two acupoints that are important for pre-hypertension care, one is Sanyinjiao and the other is Xingjian.

Pressing these two acupuncture points often can regulate qi and blood, change the state of yin deficiency and yang, make the body’s yin and yang slowly balance, and help prevent the damage of important organs.

  ■ Linking to pre-hypertension traditional Chinese medicine acupoint application is to use traditional Chinese medicine to make ointments and apply them to local acupuncture points, which are usually replaced every 24 hours.

The key to sticking points is to adapt to the changing rules of yin and yang in the four seasons. Four of them (the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the beginning of winter), two points (spring equinox, autumn equinox), and two seasons (summer solstice, winter solstice), the solar term of this season, are important periods of yin and yang change.Applying Chinese medicine to the corresponding acupoints during these solar terms can improve better curative effect.

At the same time, Dongling cream can also be used as an auxiliary method to prevent high blood pressure. It can be used to supplement yin and yang to regulate qi and blood.

In addition, people who are familiar with guiding health include Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, Liu Zi Jue, and Jing Gong, etc., which can also prevent hypertension.

What to do if the weight does not exceed the standard

What to do if the weight does not exceed the standard

The body is very well maintained, and the BMI (Body Health Index) is much lower than the standard, but the gastric lumps are uncoordinatedly prominent and there is excessive obesity in the middle of the body.

Professional women who have worked overtime for a long time often experience this type of P-type obesity. The most direct cause is irregular diet. Breakfast is sometimes overlooked. Lunch is lunch. Dinner is changed to supper.

  Our stomach is like a cloth bag suspended by a spring (that is, the ligament that holds the stomach).

When fasting, it naturally hangs on the upper abdomen, and it will sag to the upper umbilicus after eating.

After digestion is complete, it will naturally rise to its original position.

Whether the diet of three meals a day is irregular, which leads to the process of shrinking and letting go too much, which hurts the elasticity of the spring, causes the stomach to sag, and destroys the fracture of the upper limb on the body.

Overeating on weekends or holidays exacerbates this damage.

  Overtime makes fitness a nonsense. Many women can only overdo diet to maintain their body shape. When the abdomen lacks both pregnant women and muscle support, the abdominal wall is loose, which also easily causes stomach sagging.

It has obstacles that prevent you from putting on a fitted shirt, suspenders and evening clothes, destroying the curvaceous beauty of the chest line, and is the most lethal obesity for elegance and intellectual temperament.

  Resolving P-type obesity one by one: A solves the epilepsy caused by irregular diet. Of course, the most important thing is of course regular diet. If it is difficult to make it completely in place, these small methods can help you: change the snacks in the office from chocolateIf you do n’t have breakfast, do n’t prevent a “morning tea” at 10 o’clock; temporarily quit coffee and replace it with water that has no irritation to the stomach; control the number of times you go to the restaurant, especially dinner.

  B consciously strengthen the abdominal muscles during fitness and cope with sagging stomachs. Doctors usually recommend adding aunts, but that will lead to weight loss results and muscles can effectively strengthen abdominal wall support.

At the beginning of each month’s fitness, you can cancel aerobic training for 2-3 days and replace it with weight training. You can ask at any time.

  C. Add a few pieces of plastic underwear, do not choose too tight, or choose the type that causes good results under the chest, at the same time let it bear the responsibility of strengthening abdominal wall support and reducing stomach sagging.

Six healthy breakfasts in the winter

Six healthy breakfasts in the winter

In the cold winter, the skin must resist the bad weather and also deal with the dry indoor environment.

How can you have healthy skin without requiring too much tedious work?

In addition to doing basic maintenance sooner or later, what other methods can make skin glow?

The editors of Life House have collected a variety of beautiful skin secrets for you, so that you can easily deal with winter skin problems!

  Breast enhancement and whitening breakfast: papaya stewed cheese Ingredients: papaya, two and a half cups of fresh milk, three protein, moderate sugar, vinegar solution

  Practice: 1.

Cut the papaya in half, remove the flesh and put it into a juicer to break into small pieces.


Boil the fresh milk until it just boils. Add the rock sugar and cook until it melts. Let cool and set aside.


Beat the protein, add milk and vinegar, stir gently, sieve with a strainer, put it in a small bowl, cover with plastic wrap, steam over water for about 30 minutes to make cheese.


Pour the papaya puree onto the cheese when you eat it, or add some honey to eat.

Whitening and tender skin, active oxygen, anti-aging, can also lighten spots, whiten breasts!

  Efficacy: Papaya has a variety of vitamin B group, carotene and other nutrients, plus special proteases, can quickly absorb protein in fresh milk.

And protein can promote normal skin metabolism, maintain elasticity, and provide comprehensive functions of anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

This rich, mellow, fragrant, smooth dessert, it is absolutely super happy to get up for a cup in the morning!

  Low-content breakfast: pineapple, ham and egg roasted fruit materials: one bagel (Bakery), one pineapple, one ham, one egg.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the roasted fruit in half and add it to the oven for about one minute.


Fry the eggs and ham in a pan and place on top of the roasted fruit. Add the pineapple slices and cover the other half of the roasted fruit.

  Efficacy: Solid taste, rich breakfast with super low transition!

Originally a roasted fruit of Jewish food, it has received the loyal support of many people for its mouthfeel and bitterness.

It takes less than five minutes to prepare food so easily.

You can buy a few more roasted fruits in the freezer and throw them into the oven while brushing your teeth and washing your face. The next steps are simple!

The sour taste of pineapple can just wake up the taste buds gradually. With a glass of juice, it is a vibrant breakfast combination!

  Anti-Aging Breakfast: Avocado Milk Ingredients: A quarter of avocado, a glass of milk, a small amount of honey.

  Practice: 1.

Peel the avocado. After removing the seeds, add a quarter to the juicer.


Add milk, honey, start the juice machine and mix well.

  Efficacy: High nutritional value, think that one cup of breakfast is enough!

Avocado, known as “Oriental Cream”, is a fruit with high nutritional value, but still not extensive enough.

Most people have the illusion of being expensive. In fact, during the summer season, one Taiwanese tea is only about 40 yuan, and the avocado milk introduced here only needs one quarter, which is only 10 yuan.

Although avocado has high free radicals, it contains trace amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids that are beneficial to the body. Therefore, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins B and E) contained in avocado are easier than other fruits.absorbed.

  These vitamins are also the holy grail of beauty and anti-aging!

Although the avocado content is high, as long as it is consumed in the morning, it will not be accumulated into an aunt, plus the rich and smooth texture, it is the happiest as a breakfast!  Vitamin C Breakfast: Kiwi Juice Ingredients: Two Kiwis, honey, half a glass of cold water.

  Practice: 1.

Peel the kiwi fruit with a planer, add water, and put the honey into the juicer.


Start the juicer for about one minute and break the kiwi into small particles, which can be replaced in the cup.

  Efficacy: Ultra-high amount of Vitamin C, can not only change the beauty, but also have the effect of soothing the throat, protecting the throat and protecting the liver.

Kiwi fruit is one of my favorite fruits, not only because it is sour and sweet, and it has a good taste. Ultra-high content of vitamin C makes it easier for people to have good looks.

When making this juice, I usually don’t break the kiwi fruit too much, I can’t eat the fruit, keep a little taste, the nutrition will not be lost, and the seeds will not release the bitterness.

Adding some honey can make the juice smooth and protect my throat. For me who needs to take a throat for filming, drinking a cup in the morning is really a vital energy recipe!

  Fresh breakfast: Apple alfalfa sprouts hand-rolled material: a sheet of seaweed hand-rolled skin, half an apple, three asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, a spoon of yogurt

  Practice: 1.

Apples are cut into long strips, and the asparagus is slightly cooked in boiling water and kept cool.


Roll the seaweed skin into a tube and tuck in half of the alfalfa sprouts.


Then add apple sticks, asparagus, and the remaining alfalfa sprouts. Serve with yogurt.

  Efficacy: Fresh vegetables and fruits are bitten, full of fun, nutrition score!

Freshly made hand rolls, the ingredients must be fresh!

This hand roll is packed with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In terms of alfalfa sprouts, it is rich in fiber and can stimulate the digestive system. It is rich in protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It has the function of preventing peroxidation and beautifying the skin. It is also a substitute for making ecological food.

  And laver is rich in vitamins A and B1, which can regulate body fluids and eliminate puffiness in the lower body. In addition, crispy apples and asparagus can be packed in a hand-rolled package. You will be impatient to eat up immediately!

  Detoxifying and Whitening Breakfast: Strawberry Coix Seed Yogurt Ingredients: Six strawberries, a box of Yogurt, 100g Coix Seed.

  Practice: 1.

Boil the coix seed and boil it. After the water is boiled, wait until the coix seed is ripe and the soup is thick (about one hour).

Refrigerate after cooling.


Wash the strawberries, remove the stalks, cut in half, and place them on a plate.


Pour into yogurt, barley and serve immediately.

  Efficacy: Detoxification, whitening, dehydration, one time!

This breakfast is actually similar to the milk + cereal crisps we are familiar with, except that the milk is replaced with yogurt, the cereal crisps are replaced with barley kernels, and strawberries that make people feel happy when they see it.

The vitamin C content of strawberries is quite high, and they must be eaten fresh. With a juicy and sweet taste, almost every beauty crush can’t resist.

In addition to having more nutrients than milk, Yogurt can also keep the digestive tract smooth and eliminate bowel movements. The high fiber contained in Coix Seeds can promote gastrointestinal motility, and its conversion is low. Frequent eating can eliminate excess water and toxins in the body., Let the skin dark spots go away, glow.

  You can cook a pot of coix seed and put it slowly in the refrigerator, or make it thinner, it is easy to drink soup.

Don’t worry about the taste after the addition of Tongren and Yogurt, you will be paralyzed by Yogurt’s layering so rich and delicious!

Change mindset and release mind

Change mindset and release mind

A 45-year-old woman, for the first time in her life, participated in the half marathon for the first time.

This psychological change is dual physical, but more emotional and spiritual.

She finished the game. In addition to using the body to go to the game, she didn’t want anything. She was more confident, her standards and expectations changed. She was no longer worried, and her potential was even more exciting.

Her new experience has changed her mindset.

  We all want to change our inner world to some extent in our inner world.

How do we think, explain, react, deal with, expect, advance, interact and communicate.

How do we accumulate experience: good or bad.

How do we control fear, or maybe we can’t control it at all.

How do we evade the major decisions of commitment.

How do we wait, wait, and wait.

This is just a waste of time.

  How do we treat ourselves and talk to ourselves.

How do we feel.

Our emotions.

How do we deal with stress.

Or maybe we have created pressure in real life.

How do we view ourselves in the world and in the world.

The label we put on things.

We give meaning to certain experiences.

How do we release our strength and re-accumulate.

How we are recognized and accepted.

  How can we frustrate ourselves and make ourselves unhappy?

How do we disguise, react, and then reject.

How do we continue to use vain, negative ways, habits and behaviors.

How do we target the same person with the same meaningless topic and then lead to a copy that is not necessarily satisfactory.

We do the same thing over and over again, over and over again, but we are curious that nothing has changed.

We do things without a tail.

  Yes, we all want to improve to some extent.

We all want to be better.

Learn, grow, evolve and adapt.

This is why we seek personal development.

So, what is the acceleration method that changes our mindset?

Is it the way we change our thinking, perception, interpretation, reaction, coping, expectation, advancement, interaction and communication?

A few simple words: experience new things.

  Doing different things and suddenly different When we do things we have never done before, the mindset will automatically change quickly.

Expectations, emotions, opinions, and beliefs (that is, what you might expect) will change.

Mentality is just a by-product of trying new things and new experiences.

  Change theoretical practice.Most of the time, we didn’t think differently, we just did it differently.

So, we should act for changes in our mindset.

This is also the reason why personal development theory has no value unless it is put into practice.

Unless you turn ideas and ideas into action.

Some people are theoretical geniuses, practical idiots, and they say they have done less for years.

Change theoretical practice.

That’s why articles like this may be transformed, or they may be worthless – it all means you.

  Runner A 45-year-old woman, for the first time in her life, participated in the half marathon for the first time. This change of mind is dual physical, but more emotional and spiritual.

She finished the game. In addition to using the body to go to the game, she didn’t want anything. She was more confident, her standards and expectations changed. She was no longer worried, and her potential was even more exciting.

Her new experience has changed her mindset.
  Once a coward, an uneasy, fearful guy rushed into the burning house and saved a child. Since then, his inherent characteristics have changed forever.

He was just a matter of never thinking about what would happen to him, because a brave and selfless act, those thoughts of limited ability were quickly smashed.

He was given power.

The world is still the world, but he is different, so his world is different.

  A graduate self-proclaimed “dumb” enters the university, she does things, develops learning skills, learns academic language, passes exams, and then earns a degree.

She has changed forever.

The ability may be there forever, but confidence is not.

Her own insufficiency in thinking and self-destructive behavior has passed – just by-products that have never done anything.

  The traveler always feels that “the most unlucky” guy has arrived in a third world country.

He soon became too comfortable with his so-called bad life in the United States.

And his lifestyle is indeed superior, not bad.

He understood that his self-pity and negative attitude were his own problems.

Even without much effort to find, his experience in another part of the earth taught him to recognize, to realize and thank him for what he had (in fact, very rich).

It’s really like a year-old flower, and the age is different.

  Businessman A girl starts to do business.

She never thought about it, planned it, and didn’t talk about it.

But she put it into action.

In the first 12 months she learned and earned more than the sum of the previous 12 years.

This new experience has changed her.

  I often study and study, I have learned the most, have the biggest breakthroughs and experienced the biggest psychological changes, when I can jump out of excessive concerns and start trying new things.

If you are like me (an empiricist), or when do you try something new?

Try to do something that you have never done before.

And there is no need to be a big deal, so you don’t have to act before you speak out loud.

It can be a trivial matter, you can practice yoga, talk to strangers, jog, learn to play a musical instrument, do some volunteer work, and ask people to drink coffee.

Top 10 most nutritious foods for spring women

Top 10 most nutritious foods for spring women

Top 10 Foods for Women in SpringHow good.

In fact, food supplement is also a very good method. Today, I will introduce to you a diet that has health and nourishing effects. Beautiful female friends must not miss it.

1. Sulfur compounds in garlic have a strangely strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. They have inhibitory and killing effects on a variety of viruses such as cocci, bacteria, bacteria, and fungi.Virus, remove toxic substances from the stomach and intestines, stimulate the infected mucosa, promote appetite, and accelerate digestion.

Reduce blood sugar, prevent diabetes, prevent colds.

2. Among many fruit types, oranges contain more acidic fruits with multidimensional vitamin C. Nowadays, nutritional science has consistently promoted vitamin C as one of the antioxidants.

Its three major functions: inhibit free radicals from destroying cells and reduce exacerbations; avoid the conversion of preservatives of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

It has great protective effect on patients with cancer, especially gastric and esophageal cancer; inhibits the oxidation of gangrene and protects it well to maintain blood vessel and heart health.

3. The extracts from red wine and red wine can control the aging of the skin. Powerful anti-damage substances often found in the plant world are contained in red wine.

And there are more than 10 kinds of ingredients, especially the red pigment-producing ingredients contained, which can prevent damage to active oxygen, and the effect is very obvious.

4. The carrot “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Lai Ligenli pee and urinate”, “manufacture poison”.

Modern science shows that carrots are rich in cellulose, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other substances that can promote gastrointestinal motility, leading to the discharge of waste in the body, which has a good effect on constipation and acne.

5. The nutritional value of edible fungi: high protein, no cholesterol, no starch, low feces, low sugar, more fiber intake, more amino acids, more vitamins, more minerals.

Edible mushrooms concentrate all the good characteristics of foods, and their nutritional value reaches the peak of plant-based foods. They are called God foods and longevity foods.

6. Red rice Red rice is rich in starch and plant protein, which can replenish physical strength and maintain normal body temperature.

It has many nutrients, among which iron is the most abundant, so it has the effect of nourishing blood and preventing anemia.

It is rich in phosphorus, vitamins A and B groups, which can improve malnutrition, night blindness and beriberi, etc .; and can effectively relieve symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy and insomnia.

The contained pantothenic acid, vitamin E, glutathione, and other substances have the effect of inhibiting carcinogens, especially the effect of preventing colon cancer.

7. A survey released by the World Health Organization last year for salmon shows that Japanese are the oldest group in Asia.

The initial honors, of course, are due to the Japanese habit of advocating a lower diet, eating more salmon and drinking more green tea.

Salmon’s aunt, Omega 3 fatty acids, belongs to the beneficial category.

8. Soybeans Soybeans are really cheap. For women, the isoflavones it contains can produce similar effects to estrogen hormones, reduce cholesterol in the blood, protect the heart, and prevent breast cancer from osteoporosis.

9, tomatoes According to nutritionist research and determination: 50 grams to 100 grams of fresh tomatoes per person per day, can meet the human body’s needs for certain vitamins and minerals.

The “tomatine” of tomato sauce has the effect of inhibiting bacteria; it contains malic acid, citric acid and sugars to help digestion.

10, broccoli Broccoli can be seen in our much larger anti-aging recipes, it is a very useful anti-aging food for women.

Because it contains antioxidants, it slows down free radicals in women and thus delays aging.


Eight natural foods to relieve pain and improve health

Eight natural foods to relieve pain and improve health

Sedentary, work and life stress, bad living habits, environmental pollution, lack of exercise and other complications often cause our body to appear various diseases or unhealthy, and the subsequent body pain often erodes our physiology.

Although modern medicine has invented a variety of pain relief drugs to provide us with anti-pain, alternatives to analgesics are just as famous for their analgesic effects.

The following eight natural foods can not only help us to relieve and ache, but also help us to get a healthy body.

  1. Coarse grains and coarse grains are mixed with plant fiber. For those who are interested in losing weight, it can help you suppress appetite and obtain all kinds of basic nutrients necessary for physical health.

Whole grain foods are a rich source of magnesium, and medical research has proven that magnesium can effectively change the length of various pains in the body.

  2. Salmon If you are suffering from chronic and chronic pain, then you should eat more salmon in your usual diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in salmon fat. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce pain, while vitamin D can help prevent chronic pain and daily various physical discomforts.

You can reach 500 IU of vitamin D in just 3 mm of salmon (the daily recommended amount of vitamin D is 1,000 IU, if you are over 60 years old, the daily recommended amount is 1200 IU).

  3, olive oil and olive oil are nicknamed the liquid gold. It is believed that in terms of its analgesic effect, the olive oil ester antioxidant polyphenols; this element is generally recognized to suppress pain; thus the rich unsaturated adult in olive oilPeople can increase bone strength and prevent related pain.

So the next time you enjoy your food, remember to add some olive oil to your health.

(Olive oil is also a perfect substitute for oil and fat. A teaspoon of olive oil contains only 120 kcal.) 4. Natural spices In the kitchen life of Chinese families, natural spices have always been only a small role, usually everyone wants to increaseOnly a small amount is added when the food is flavored. It is unknown that these natural spices such as pepper, ginger, turmeric, etc. usually contain extremely beneficial elements for health. For example, ginger contains gingerol, gingerol, gingerol, and gingerol.The analgesic effect of dissolving one kind of aspirin or ibuprofen; another spice turmeric-a vegetable spice commonly found in curries in India and Thailand, which contains curcumin to prevent pain in the body.

So next time if you feel physical pain or discomfort, you can refill yourself with a cup of ginger tea.

  5. Strawberry Strawberry The most intuitive thing is the bright natural red, which actually means strawberry vitamin C-a powerful natural analgesic antioxidant; some studies have also found that vitamin C can also prevent arthritis and the associated cartilage loss and joint deformationFormation of symptoms.

  6, green vegetables Vitamin K supplemented in green vegetables can relieve pain and promote the maintenance of strong bones and joint health; the next time you buy vegetables, remember to pay more attention to those green vegetables with a dark green color-some spinach.
Dark green is a symbol of rich vitamin K content.

  7. Although dairy yogurt or other dairy products have less direct effects on pain relief than those previously introduced, the two elements contained in these dairy products-calcium and vitamin D can reduce the effect of chronic pain;If you are lactose intolerant, you can choose to repeat soy milk or orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

  8. What you need to prepare for a grape drink is just a bottle of red wine and a wine glass, which can help you relieve joint and muscle pain.

Including red wine, white wine, and grape juice all have analgesic effects similar to aspirin; however, it should be noted that despite the above-mentioned benefits, experts still recommend that the amount of wine replacement is not more than one glass a day, because grape-based drinks contain resveratrolThe alcohol element is not suitable for humans to ingest in large quantities. This element is present in all foods developed from natural grapes, so do not eat grapes and drink wine or grape juice on the same day next time.

Don’t get astray with fitness misunderstandings

Don’t get astray with fitness misunderstandings

Fitness Mistakes You Must Avoid Do you often participate in exercise, but you still do n’t see the results you expect?

Or withdraw from exercise due to muscle strain and other injuries?

Do you want to abandon it because exercise is so dull?

Don’t give up your fitness plan like this.

Perhaps the problem lies in the exercise method, not the fitness itself.

Health experts published an article on the US health website “Doctor Network”, analyzed the 16 most common exercise errors and made relevant suggestions.

  Cardiopulmonary function training mistakes 1.

“Fitness lazyness” called by the American Athletic Association (ACE) Debbie?

Pilarilla said that in the gym, many people lean on their exercise equipment to exercise, a phenomenon known as “fitness laziness.”

When you arch your back, your spine doesn’t get enough support and your hip muscles don’t work out.

Therefore, you should keep your body upright when exercising on fitness equipment such as a treadmill.


When holding the exercise machine with both hands tightly, holding the fitness equipment with both hands is actually “self-deceiving”. The training intensity does not increase as a result, and it is easy to cause laziness.

If releasing your hand makes you feel insecure, try Pilarilla’s suggestion-first, put four fingers (from the index finger to the little finger) on the device, when you feel comfortable, release one finger, and finallyAs long as your index finger is on the equipment, you will feel safe.


Running and reading a book. If you read a book while exercising on a treadmill or other sports equipment, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced.

If you have to read a book, concentrate on exercise for 4 minutes, then rest for 3 minutes, and use this time to read the book.

Such a piece of relaxation training is also good.


Weight-bearing running 2-in-1 hand-held dumbbell running seems to be a good way to combine cardio training with strength training, but this training method is very dangerous.

When your body leans forward, the pressure on the leg bones, reduction bones, and fractured bones will inevitably increase, which can easily cause fractures.

  Strength training mistakes 5.

The faster the repetitive movements, the better the repetitive movements are too fast when lifting weights, which easily increases blood pressure and increases the risk of joint injuries.

At the same time, such high-frequency fast exercise will greatly reduce the effect of exercise.

Expert Pilarilla suggested that the safest way to use strength training equipment such as dumbbells is to exhale when the force is lifted up, this process takes two seconds; to inhale when it returns to its original position, this process is 4 seconds.


Participating in the exercise of the abdominal muscles throughout the body Many people do not receive good results when doing abdominal muscle exercises.

The problem is that their hard parts often include the upper body, neck and head.

Expert Pilarila said: When you exercise, you should concentrate on the exercise between the chest and the hip bones, and the other parts of the muscle should “keep quiet.”

  Flexibility training misunderstanding 7.

Muscle stretching does not need to warm up. Exercise muscle stretching at the beginning, it is easy to cause muscle strain or muscle tear.

Experts say muscle stretching should be in the final stages of warming up.


Jumping while pulling muscles During the stretching of muscles, jumping will increase the risk of muscle deformation or strain.

Experts advise: When muscles are stretched, it is best not to move the joints.

The body feels elongated, but not to the extent of pain.

  Mistakes in exercise habits 9.

No fun in fitness Some people think that fitness exercises face cold exercise equipment, and fitness is not fun at all.However, experts suggest that you should exercise with friends or family, just like watching a movie or eating together.


Participate in “outdated” sports Are you still doing the swivel and leg lifts you learned in middle school?

In this kind of “old tooth” exercise, some are purely a waste of time, while others can easily cause harm to people of your age.

Expert advice: Join a fitness class or work out a fitness plan with a fitness instructor.


Is there anything wrong with regular movements and doing the same exercise every day?

Day after day, the movements are single, and those muscles are exercised. If the speed does not change, you will no longer pant, the displacement consumed during exercise will gradually decrease, and the exercise effect will be greatly reduced.

Expert advice: Discover the different types of exercise you are interested in and change your monotonous exercise pattern.


Many people eager to achieve short-term exercise can be amazing.

Experts say the current recommended standard for exercise is 3 per week.

4 hours to prevent weight gain.

Dr. Caspar said that if you want to lose weight, walk 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week, so that you can lose 1 pound (0) without changing your diet.

45 kg) takes about one month.

Therefore, if you want to reduce it, you must increase the amount of exercise.


“Crazy Warrior” on the weekend If you don’t exercise normally, even if you exercise crazy for two days every weekend, your goals will never be achieved, and every Monday will feel terrible.

This “training” of eating a fat man will only lead to injuries and fatigue.


Experts at the start have said that one of the common mistakes people make on the treadmill at home or on the exercise equipment in the fitness center is “snake and tail”. At first, there was too much exercise.

This kind of exercise that starts too fast can easily lead to physical injury.

Medical expert Dr. Caspar suggested that a long-flowing and practical fitness plan should be worked out with a qualified bodybuilder.


It is not advisable to stop abruptly when finishing the finishing exercise.

Organizing exercise can greatly reduce muscle pain.

The reason is that the gentle tidying movement can “wash” the lactic acid free radicals in the body.

Experts suggest: before the end of the exercise, it is best to spend 5?
Exercise slowly for 10 minutes to get your heart rate back to normal.


Omitting drinking water Muscle contraction requires water, and insufficient drinking water can cause muscle cramps or pain.

Expert Pilarilla says that if you feel thirsty, you are already 1% dehydrated.

You need to rehydrate before, during and after exercise.

If you do not belong to the type of electrolytes that are easily lost during exercise, then there is no need to drink functional drinks. For people, water is the first choice.

  10 Myths of Weight Loss Exercise 1

Is it advisable to exercise once a week?

  2 to 3 times.

About 45 minutes to 1 hour each time.

If you can’t stick it every day, at least 5 times.


If you only exercise for 10 minutes a day, will the overlap be trivial?
  The amount of exercise is related to how much the body benefits, but less is better than nothing.
Such light exercise in this kind of gymnastics is also conducive to maintaining muscle tension and joint complications, and helps maintain a good mental state.

Do I have to do exercises in the morning?

  In fact, everyone should follow their own feelings to decide the time for doing exercises.

When you get up in the morning, your muscles are not “hot”. If you do exercises immediately, you will feel less flexible and not soft enough.

“Morning exercises” do not necessarily make people full of energy throughout the day, some excessively strenuous exercise will cause impact.


Can fasting exercise consume my aunt?

  If the time is early in the morning, it is all right, but the condition must be that you have no physical discomfort.

When exercising on an empty stomach, human organs consume aunts, proteins and sugars stored in the muscles and liver, so the time must not be too long, otherwise it will not be beneficial to the body.


Is exercise the top priority for physical fitness?


The basic metabolism of the human body consumes 60-75% of the food that people eat, digestion takes up 10%, and human exercise only accounts for 20-30% of consumption.


Which type of endurance exercise and hypertension exercise consume more?

  Endurance exercise.

Fast running has no effect on weight loss.

Because in the first 20 minutes of exercise, the body consumes more sugar than unfortunate, the athlete will feel particularly obese afterwards.

The ones that burn most are those moderate and long-lasting sports, such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc.


Auntie wherever you practice?

The idea is quite naive and unrealistic.

Only reasonable and moderate equipment training can effectively perform anaerobic and aerobic metabolism, and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

“Reasonable” refers to the use of scientific methods to train muscles in all parts of the body, not only to a certain person’s part; “moderate” means that the amount of exercise does not exceed the body’s load during each training.


Different ages should choose different fitness programs?


With the increase of age, the energy and physical strength of normal people will change, and tolerance and response to exercise will also vary.

About 20 years old, suitable for high-intensity aerobic sports, such as running, boxing, and various defensive ball sports.

About 30 years old, in his prime, he can perform climbing, pedaling, martial arts and other sports.

Around 40 years old, choose to climb stairs, tennis, swimming, etc. to strengthen the body muscles.

Around the age of 50, people’s mental and physical strength has fallen to varying degrees, which is suitable for more moderate sports such as boating and golf.


Some people say that the relationship between equipment training and aerobics is “well water does not violate river water”. Is this concept correct?

  Of course not, but the embarrassing situation caused by this concept does exist in the gym.

In fact, aerobics for men can also improve cardiopulmonary function, flexibility and coordination. Women can not only train endurance, speed, improve body shape, and increase vitality through equipment training.

It is a pity to give up which sport.

Is it appropriate to go to the gym when you are in a bad mood?

  Human emotions directly affect the normal functioning of the human body, and affect the heart, cardiovascular and other organs.
Bad emotions can counteract the health effects that exercise brings to the body, and even have the above effects.


Do I have to do exercises in the morning?
  In fact, everyone should follow their own feelings to decide the time for doing exercises.

When you get up in the morning, your muscles are not “hot”. If you do exercises immediately, you will feel less flexible and not soft enough.
“Morning exercises” do not necessarily make people full of energy throughout the day, some excessively strenuous exercise will cause impact.

  Muscle gains should avoid 8 common mistakes1.

The most common mistake in pursuing self-contradictory goals is to pursue self-contradictory goals-the pursuit of weight loss at the stage of gaining muscle (thin people who want to gain weight do not seem to have this concern ^ _ ^).

Looking at flashing examples like Ronnie Cullman and Chris Comir, these guys know that increasing transformation and protein replacement during the muscle-increasing phase is essential, even if it increases some body fat in the process,But it is inevitable.

Don’t think about gaining muscle, but think about losing weight.

  (In order to gain muscle, there must be a lot of transformation and protein, which is common sense.

In order to increase muscles during the off-season, bodybuilders have added a lot of trace and protein, but only limit foods that add extra fat.

Our season and off-season weights often differ by a certain weight. The so-called lines are just things that are pursued during the game, and usually only maintain a relatively clear outline.

A clear “contour” cannot be considered a “line” in principle.

The photos we usually see are photos of the game or training photos one or two months before and after the game.

All the wrong perceptions are that bodybuilders do the same and learn to pursue lines, which is impossible.

In fact, the lines of bodybuilders are not very clear under normal conditions.


The two prerequisites for over-reliance on nutritional supplements to gain muscle against a normal diet are excess conversion and protein.

Only by arranging a normal diet can you get it. If you blindly pursue supplements and buy large quantities of amino acids, vitamins, hormones and other supplements, you will only lose a lot of money and time in the end.

  (Now that the conditions are good, you can find a large amount of supplement advertisements and a lot of so-called examples when you open any bodybuilding magazine. After looking at the psychological itching, I think that it is all about muscle growth.

It’s time to wake up!

Bodybuilding enthusiasts are better equipped with basic talents.

) 3.

Eating like a pig to counter overtraining Eating a large amount of food is not wrong in principle, but do n’t confuse yourself that you can gobble up a plate of plate with high protein foods to supplement the muscle breakdown caused by overtrainingeffect.
If your body shows signs of overtraining, such as dizziness, irritability, fatigue during training, etc.

Then you need at least two days of rest and then take a more reasonable approach to retraining.

If you really want to eat like a pig and try to recover from excessive training with an excessive diet, you will store a lot of aunts so that you do n’t look like a pig.

  (Active rest is very important. Eating and resting are both important means of recovery after training.

) 4.

The ideal goal to increase muscle mass in a short period of time is to gain 0 per week during your scheduled growth cycle.

5-1 pounds of body weight (overall weight).

(This is also a common mistake, and many people make it.

) 5.

Miscalculation of protein This mistake is to include plant protein as well as the accumulation of body protein throughout the day.

Proteins such as oatmeal, rice, bread and potatoes.

Only milk, cheese, protein powder, eggs, fish, poultry, and meat proteins should be counted.

  (The training and recovery of bodybuilding requires high-quality protein, that is, protein with high biological value. Generally, the protein value of plant proteins is relatively low, which is not conducive to absorption.
Of course, there is no need for ordinary people to choose this way. Plant protein can also meet the needs, but it must be reasonable.

) 6.
Excessive use of protein Protein is fundamental to increasing muscle success, but many people mistakenly use large amounts of protein and ignore substitution from other foods.

A carbohydrate-deficient body in a high-protein diet will convert protein to glucose, which is an important fuel that our body needs. Unfortunately, this conversion leads to the breakdown of protein in muscle.

In order to end this bad dream for people who desire to gain muscle, it is necessary to match the protein and skeleton parts.

Protein: 1 gram per pound of body weight per day.

Plasma: It accounts for half of the absorption in a day.

  (In order to gain muscle, this error is inevitable, and sometimes to reduce weight, it also reduces the absorption of carbohydrates.

When the body lacks enough carbohydrates, protein is used to power it.

To make such an analogy, burning protein as a source of physical energy is like burning the furniture in your home for heating without using better fuels-electricity or gas.

Not only the effect is not good, but also poisonous gas.

) 7.

Limiting the source of glucose It is quite wrong to eat only complex glucose like oatmeal, potato, slender rice, etc. when increasing muscle, those simple mixtures that are easy to absorb and start quickly, such as fruit, sugar and refined mixtures (rice cake, jam, andHoney) can quickly satisfy the body’s desire for sugar after training. They also provide too much replacement fiber and vitamins.

  (Simple carbohydrates are a good source of energy, especially immediately after training, and can quickly meet the body’s need for sugar. As long as you use the right amount at the right time, you don’t need to worry about excess.

Its rapid absorption can promote the secretion of insulin, which is a key means of growth in the stage of muscle growth.

Remember, don’t eat at night!

Don’t eat more!


Eat like a professional athlete. Do n’t eat 420-450 grams of protein every day like Nasser Sunbetti. He weighs 320 pounds during the off-season!

1-1 per pound of body weight per day.

Calculating the proportion of 5 grams of protein is no problem.

If you weigh only 180 pounds, then 180-270 grams of protein per day is enough. Of course, if you are older than him, you need to do more.

  (Don’t blindly learn bodybuilding stars, not only diet, but also training, their things can only be reference.

The increase in muscles comes from hard training, active recovery and careful study.

) Eight big lies make fitness forever invalid Many girls are worried that when the other parts of the body have not changed, some of them will become smaller first.

Say good news to your heart: Don’t worry about the size of your chest. The first thing that changes in fat loss is your belly!

  Lie 1.

“Sex is the best exercise.” A passionate “bed exercise” takes roughly the same amount of time as a short walk, because the posture you take is either lying or sitting, and almost no muscles will be moved.

If you want to maximize the “fitness effect”, the best way is to use a standing position and use your leg and buttocks muscles to support your body. However, this is not a special fitness time, is it a bit upside down?

  Lie 2.

“Loose weight first and reduce breasts” Because of this sentence, many girls are worried that when the other parts of the body have not changed, the top will first become smaller.

Say good news to your heart: Don’t worry about the size of your chest. The first thing that changes in fat loss is your belly!

Abdominal stool is most sensitive to changes in hormones and enzymes. During exercise, the body automatically uses the abdominal stool as a source of energy.

Why does the lower body always see the effect last?

That’s because the aunts hoarded in the chest and thighs exist to provide emergency use when the human body lacks energy, and its function is like the hump on a camel’s body, so physiologically, the lower body aunt is the most difficult to remove.Be patient!

  Lie 3.

“Overweight people have a slow metabolism, and of course weight loss is slow,” let the numbers convince you: less than 10% of overweight people have metabolic disorders.

What’s even more pleasing is that with the same intensity and exercise time, “overweight people” will burn more calories instead.

Gain weight?

Don’t blame your metabolic system, check to see if you have been sulking or lazy lately!
  Lie 4.

“Exercising in the winter will burn more calories.” Indeed, in the first few minutes you will become colder and your body will consume more transformations. Through exercise, the body will gradually adapt to high temperatures in a few minutes, Become warmer, then you will not enjoy the “welfare” brought by the low temperature.
  Lie 5.

“After you get used to a certain exercise, you will not burn so many calories any more.” Unless you reduce your exercise intensity or change your exercise time, everything you consume today is as much as yesterday and last month and last year.After making the new moves for five or six rounds, the moves are indeed compact, and there are many, many fewer moves. However, the change in the cost of these moves is about 2%.

  Lie 6.

“The static charge shown on the laminator is accurate.” Don’t trust it that much.

Some people have tested the latest transitional devices, and 70% are not allowed.

The new type of counter has not been continuously tested. Scientific and technical personnel need to continuously improve its quality. On the contrary, older conversion calculators, such as bicycles and steppers, have now matured, especially if you consider factors such as age and weight.After putting it in.

  Lie 7.

“If you subtract 100 calories of energy today, does it matter whether your heart beats 60 times per second (so-called light burning zone) or 85 times during exercise?

As long as 100 cards are consumed today, it is victory.

If the heart rate is 85 or recovery, or your exercise is low intensity, then it is not your aunt who is consuming your body, but your aunt who is obese and blood circulation.

Focus on how to burn calories, not worry about where those calories come from.

  Lie 8.

“When you stop exercising, your muscles will become aunty!

“This is definitely a mistake!

Aunt and muscle are two completely different physiological structures, and no one will “become” who.

It ‘s just that when you stop strength exercises, the originally tight and strong muscles will become loose and atrophy, and the entire body will lose the exercise beats placed. At this time, if you do not control your diet, you will easily gain weight.Your muscles “become” aunt.

  Finally, I will explain the common misunderstandings of fitness. Many people seem to understand fitness, some magical fitness, some misunderstanding.

Have you ever crunched up to get an evil belly?

Have you ever been doing leg lifts to get slender legs?

If so, then you have fallen into the myth trap of “minus what you practice.”

What is the effect of fitness on the human body, and what should I do to get actual results?

  Myth 1: As long as I strengthen the area, can I subtract my aunt from the abdomen and legs?

  Many people believe that intensive exercise on a part of the body can reduce the unhappiness of that part.

However, in fact, there are other factors in which part of our body is reduced by how much, such as heredity, hormones, and age.

  MIT once conducted a trial that allowed 13 men to perform 27-day concentrated abdominal exercises, and performed a biopsy of pregnant women before and after the exercise, and found that pregnant women in different parts of the body were reduced, not redundant.

  If you want to lose your aunt in the leg or abdomen, it is appropriate to let your body work for the job (through exercise and a reasonable diet plan) and see how your body reacts and where your aunt is.

You will find that your concentrated storage of excess and excess parts is the latest one to decrease.

For women, these areas are often the hips, legs and lower abdomen.

For men, it is the abdomen and waist.

  Today’s commercials and magazines are always bombarding the audience, which shows that it takes a little effort to lose weight and abdomen.

In fact, if you want to have a good body, it is better to try to exercise on the ground, instead of unrealistically pursuing an over-ideal body: under a certain heart rate range, exercise regularly for 1 to 3 days (discontinuous)Fitness Sports Healthy Low Calorie Diet Myth 2: In order to build muscles, should I lift a lighter weight and increase the number of lifts?

  This myth, also known as the “pink dumbbell myth,” often appears in magazines and leaflets, and makes us believe that this can burn more aunts, and ladies can avoid being overweight.

  But in fact, this alone won’t burn more aunts unless you have your body’s calories available to seek.

Lifting light weight and increasing the number of times can indeed strengthen your muscle endurance, and it is often used in fitness training, but its effect is exaggerated.

  So, shouldn’t this fitness method be used?

It depends.

  What kind of weight plan you make correctly depends on your purpose.

For people who lose weight, it is better to make the weight slightly stronger.
The training intensity according to different goals is roughly as follows: those who want to increase strength: repeat 1 to 6 times, weight: heavy to practice muscles and physique: repeat 8 to 12 times, weight: medium and heavy to practice endurance: repeat 12 to16 times or more, weight: No matter which level of strength, it is best to choose the weight that can complete the specified number of times.

For example, if you want to lift 12 chest curls, it is best to choose the weight that allows you to properly complete the 12 times. You think that you can easily and effortlessly increase the existing weight.
  These three levels of intensity training are also a good way to enhance your physique from different angles.

  Myth 3: In order to burn my aunt and let myself lose weight, I only do aerobic exercise and avoid muscle training?

  Various aerobic exercises (heart exercises) are certainly a good way to burn adults, but it is not impossible to do muscle training.

  Strength training will help you retain more muscles, which are much more active than a few.

A pound of muscle can burn 10 to 12 calories a day, but a pound of light can only burn 2 to 5 calories.

Muscles take up less space than adults.

Everyone on the earth knows that with more muscles and less misfortune, you will become slim.

Therefore, doing strength training is helpful for weight loss.

  Now many people, especially ladies, avoid muscle training such as plague, fear of weight gain or preference for other aerobic exercises.

But we can here some benefits of alkaline muscle training: integrate strong and slender muscle tissue to strengthen muscles, bones and connective tissues to strengthen the body, less injuries in other aerobic exercises to promote metabolism, effective weight loss fitness programs generally include oxygenExercise (cardio exercise) and strength training (intensity training), either separately or together.

  Of course, to lose weight, a reasonable and healthy diet is also very important.

  Myth 4: Should I be sore after every workout?

  How do you know if you have successfully performed strength training?

Many people use the sore muscles the next day to minimize.

This is not the correct preset method.

  If you have just started training, or change your previous fitness program, or try new gadgets, muscle soreness is normal.

However, soreness gradually decreases over time.

If you feel sore after every workout, you need more time to recover, and it is recommended that you reduce the intensity of the exercise and give the body enough time to slowly adapt and become stronger.

  Muscle soreness can cause small breaks in your muscle tissue, which is a reaction to muscle overload.

You need to rest to repair the muscle tissue and make the muscles stronger.

So, since muscle soreness can’t be the standard, how can you know that you have successfully performed strength training?

  See if you lift enough weight.

In strength training, it’s best to choose a weight that will allow you to complete exactly the number of times.

If you feel you can do it again after finishing it, please increase the weight. The last stroke will make you feel that you can still finish it even though you have difficulty.

  Whether the whole body muscles have been exercised.

No matter if you are doing a whole body exercise or a partial exercise, make sure that you have exercised every part of your body muscles 2 to 3 times a week. There is no time to exercise at least 1 time.

  Whether the fitness program has been changed appropriately.

It’s best to change your fitness program every 4 to 6 weeks to avoid or improve fitness results.

In order to prevent muscle soreness caused by transformation, be prepared for exercise and reduce and relax muscles after exercise.

  Myth 5: Strength training makes women too strong?

  This is another myth that has been widely spread, ignoring that women do not have enough androgen to produce large muscles at all.

In fact, if so easy to grow, why do so many men use steroids?

  As stated by Myth 2, many women even perform strength training, often using only pink dumbbells.

In fact, you can challenge the weight you can afford to really take effect and really strengthen your muscle endurance.

Moreover, many female friends have been training in strength for many years, and they have not become “big girls.”

Furthermore, strengthening muscles can be very helpful in reducing adults (with a healthy diet, of course).

  Myth 6: Is my age still fit?

  In fact, there is no age limit for fitness.
You cannot force it unless it is limited by your physical illness.

The harm caused by not exercising at all is much greater than carrying out a reasonable fitness program.
Studies show that after 40 years of age, if you do not exercise, you will lose 3-5% of your muscles every 20 years.

This muscle loss not only increases weight, but weakens the overall function.

And proper exercise can enhance body balance and coordination, increase flexibility, control weight, and enable people to overcome self-confidence.

Teach you how to get a man to propose

Teach you how to get a man to propose

We all know that entering each other’s life circle is definitely a bonus.

You may not know that when you get along well with his parents and friends, and let him spend less time in this area, the chance of him marrying you into the door is natural.

Experts of both sexes pointed out that there is no trick to get along with the elders. It is sweet and polite. Indeed, at any moment, a little more smiles and warm greetings will make you never NG.

With his friends, if you actively participate in their conversation, they will also be happy to let you join.

  After the relationship between the two people is stable, it is necessary to set common economic goals. For example, start to discuss what percentage of income will be used for savings, how much will be invested, and which type of product should be selected for investment.

The clearer the discussion, the clearer the future outline of the two will be.

Experts said, do n’t think that talking about money in the emotional world is vulgar. On the contrary, the economy is also the basis of great love. You do n’t need to find it difficult to talk about it. You can discuss it in front of the two people.The more solid the road to music.

  If you can rely on you for success, I believe he will not run far if he wants to run.

Without you, his bills, utilities, taxes are all in a mess.

Or, if you do n’t have a lot of housework, and if you do n’t organize your clothes, the whole person will become unkempt. If you have the ability to develop him into a part of life idiot, let him get used to this part of the mind, congratulations, as long as youOccasionally he strikes, he will be so nervous that he immediately wants to marry you home.

  Ladies can actually give men a hint at the right time, remind him not to let you wait any longer, if he is still procrastinating, use the “motivation of a man to marry” (some kind of he is used to you, afraid of lonelinessWait; he feels that there are two incomes at his disposal; sometimes he has a sense of responsibility towards you .) to stimulate him, try his response, and see if he treats your possible marriage partner, if the answer is noThat is still the best policy, don’t continue to waste time on this “passerby A”.

How to clean different fruits and vegetables

How to clean different fruits and vegetables

The German “poisonous cucumber” incident has focused people’s attention on the safety of fruits and vegetables.

Numerous studies in the United States have found that fruit and vegetable boxes are the dirtiest area in the refrigerator.

Romaine lettuce contains more than 2 million bacteria per gram.

According to reports, before eating fruits and vegetables, thorough washing can remove most bacteria.

The following are four types of fruit and vegetable cleaning methods summarized by American experts.


Peel edible fruits and vegetables: apples, peaches, tomatoes and zucchini.

  Cleaning method: scrub under running water for 30-60 seconds.

Dr. Brenda Nimira, chief scientist of the USDA Agricultural Research Institute, said that tap water rinsing corrected the removal of 98% of bacteria on fruits and vegetables.

Stubborn stains can be scrubbed with a vegetable brush or fingers.

However, the softer fruits such as peaches should not be scrubbed vigorously to avoid breaking the skin.


Peeled edible fruits and vegetables: watermelon, cantaloupe and other melons, oranges and bananas.

  Cleaning method: Use a vegetable brush or an unused toothbrush to scrub the epidermis under running water for 30-60 seconds.

Dr. Ali Fred Bushway, a professor of food science at the University of Maine, said that although the skins of these fruits are generally not directly consumed, fruits often pass through the hands of many people, and the epidermis (especially the folds) is inevitably infected with bacteria.

When peeling or knife cutting, the bacteria on the skin of the fruit and vegetables may take the opportunity to enter the pulp.


Clusters of fruits and vegetables: various impurities and grapes.

  Cleaning method: After removing the stems from the bunch of fruits and vegetables, put them in a colander, and then rinse them with a tap of water for at least 60 seconds.

Dr. Sandria Godwin, a professor at Tennessee State University, said using a paper towel to dry fruit can further sterilize.


Leaf fruits and vegetables: spinach and lettuce.

  Cleaning method: peel off the old leaves of the outer layer and rinse with cold water for 30-60 seconds.

Then dry it.

Immediately before washing the green leaf fruits and vegetables, it is best to rinse with water before cooking.